Our Difference


Bridging programme

For special needs

At Da Little Preschool By-The-Park, we have always taken pride in the dedication and professional standard of our team. While ensuring we provide quality pre-school programmes for the mainstream preschoolers, we recognize that some children could face respective challenges or delays in their social, emotional or other development.   Da Little Preschool By-the-Park’s Bridging Programme aims to address such needs by working on individual plans tailored to suit your child’s needs. Through various small and large group activities, children learn to interact and make meaningful connections with their atypical peers. We believe that such integration will provide the platform for children with different needs to be an integral part of our community.   Da Little Preschool By-The-Park’s Bridging Programme is specially tailored to suit 2 – 6 year old children with learning challenges. We aim to provide:
  • Opportunities for your child to integrate into our mainstream environment with the guidance of our trained and experienced Bridging Programme teacher
  • Carefully crafted sets of Learning Goals to closely monitor your child’s needs and progress
  • Programme flexibility in allowing your child to compliment his/her other specialist programs
  • Twice, thrice, 4 or 5 times a week
  • Learning goals uniquely developed for each child
  • Happy and meaningful preschool experiences with all peers

Destination Imagination

Fun, hands-on learning

The Destination Imagination (DI) program is a fun, hands-on learning activity that fosters students’ creativity, courage and curiosity through open-ended challenges. In participating in the program, children learn patience, flexibility, persistence, ethics, respect for others and their ideas, and the collaborative problem solving process. As they work in a team, children must imagine, create and develop solutions on their own, in turn, stepping outside of their comfort zones to pursue ideas and make presentations, and build on their unique strengths.   Having witnessed the growth of our children through the program, we strongly believe in the holistic development the programme brings about the life skills of the children. It’s about teaching and sharing with children on how to think, not what to think. It is the process, not the final product that matters.

Fun Fridays

Dress to the theme

Today you are YOU,

That is truer than true.

There is no one alive

Who is YOUER than YOU.

~ Dr Seuss

  Preschool is a great time to discover about oneself. What better way than to do this through our wacky Fun Fridays, held on the last Friday of each month. Children and teachers are encouraged to dress to the theme for the day. Carefully crafted games and activities are carried out in each class to allow for more learning opportunities. Fun Fridays are a big part of our preschool activities as we are all reminded to let down our hair and have fun, fun, fun with the children!

Fire Station Visits

Aspiring fireman or firewoman

Ask any young child what their future occupation might be, and chances are, you’ll have an aspiring fireman or firewoman in front of you! Our little ones have always had a great interest in the workings of a fireman, be it in their uniform, fire-engine or just simple shooting water jets out of a hose! In ensuring the holistic development of all our children, BTP organizes a yearly visit to the fire station, for the children to get up close and personal with firemen, as well as to have the much-awaited opportunity of climbing aboard the fire engine! Children will have the opportunity to don on the uniforms, complete with helmets and face masks, before climbing into ambulances and fire engines, learning more about the many different types of sirens and their meanings! Fathers out there, these are great occasions for you to show your knowledge and live your childhood dreams of being a fireman! Our annual fire station visit is specially planned on a Saturday with the family in mind, look out for our next fire station visit!

My Pals Programme

Project with Rainbow Centre

We are an inclusive preschool and we believe that every graduating child should buddy up with a Rainbow Centre friend. Through planned activities held over the course of the year, children from both worlds step into each others’ worlds to better understand the different needs. Children learn that Rainbow center friends are no different from them; they laugh, they tear and they want to be connected. Greater awareness is also promoted to all families through our annual fundraiser, Rainbow Fun Fair.   Inclusion starts from the early years. Come and find out more about My Pals Programme.