Concert 2018


Feeling excited about the concert? Can’t wait to watch your child on stage? We are equally excited and filled with anticipation! You want a sneak preview? Hmmm…alright, let us take you backstage to have a glimpse of the ongoing preparations.

Have a look at the gallery of photos taken during our practice and prop making sessions. See yourself in any of them? Yes, we love it that loved ones (sometimes the whole village) have come along to our mess and make sessions every Friday to help with prop making. It was a whole lot more fun with you joining in!

Our theme for the second half of 2018 is “Light”. Lessons and activities have revolved around this and brought many new experiences to the children. Naturally, the concert theme has something to do with light! Inspired by Eric Carle’s story “The Very Lonely Firefly”, the children will be performing bi-lingual song and dance to music that is in line with the theme.

The children are very excited and have been talking about the concert and their practice sessions. The Nursery 1 children are especially excited that their family will be coming to watch their performance and can’t stop telling one another who will be coming on the 9th. They have been diligently practicing the songs that they will sing and a number of children have named the Chinese number that they will be singing, 我们的月亮一定圆 (wo men de yue liang yi ding yuan) as their favourite.

The older children are equally enthusiastic about the concert and have been practicing hard to perfect their lines. A graduating kindie, Lincoln said that he likes it when he and his friend get to speak into the microphone. His favourite song is another Chinese number, 虫儿飞 (chong er fei). Asher, a Nursery 2 child likes the song “Light a Candle” instead as the melody is very beautiful.

Not forgetting our infants and toddlers, the children (and teachers, infants particularly) are enjoying the preparation. Toddlers have fun with the props while infant teachers are having a blast with their dance.

We look forward to seeing you (and your village) on 9 November! Meanwhile, enjoy the photo gallery…promise there are no spoilers!